Professional Services

In these days of rapid technological advances, it is crucial that the choices made by an organization in the acquisition of computer systems (hardware, software, applications, networks, security) are well considered in light of its current needs and future direction. The organization can then leverage on its information technology investments well into the future without having to unnecessarily discard its IT assets.

With that in mind, Rania is in the position to provide Professional Consultancy Services in Information Technology, ranging from:
  • Drawing up an Information Technology Strategy Plan;
  • Selection of the most appropriate hardware, software, applications, network components;
  • Network design and quality assurance;
  • Security systems; and
  • Design, development, testing and implementation of selected systems.

Application Design and Development

Today's environment is one of change; an organization has to be able to rapidly respond to such changes in order to survive and prosper.

In this environment, there are two contradictory requirements from the point of systems development. On one hand, the schema of the database has to be stable to minimize systems rework; on the other hand, the application has to be able to respond quickly to changes in policy, etc. which need to be implemented fast.

We can design systems that balance these two contradictory requirements, thus giving the organization the stability as well as the flexibility in these times of constant change.

Network Infrastructure

Another important element in an organisation's IT infrastructure is its network. Without a reliable network (both local and wide area), organizations will find it cumbersome to reach out to its customers and partners. In these days of multimedia information exchange, the network bandwidth and reliability assumes great importance. To protect the organization's information assets, network security plays its part in allowing users to enter the systems with ease while keeping superfluous visitors out.

Rania can design the network to be adopted by an organization, oversee the installation of the network components, test and verify the quality of the network. We will work with partners capable of actual physical installation, especially in the area of physical cabling. With the collaboration of our strong partners, we believe that we can deliver and bring values to our customers.